Asia Renning was adopted by Jerry and Adair Renning when she was two years old, even though she was considered to be too institutionalized to be able to bond with a family. Asia's struggles with a condition which requires a colostomy, as well as autism, has led her family on a quest to help her maximize her potential. In this book, Adair Renning details the family's search for effective treatments, including auditory integration therapy, food and environmental allergy treatments, mega-vitamins, and treatment for Leaky Gut Syndrome.

This is one family's story, but it represents a celebration of the strength of the human spirit, when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds.

"Fascinating, informative, and inspiring, The Ultimate Treasure Hunt takes the reader from worst-case scenario to triumph. A must-read for families considering the adoption of, or who are already parents of, a child with special needs."

-- ANNABEL STEHLI, Author of The Sound of a Miracle: A Child's Triumph Over Autism

"Like a well-written thriller, this book had me hooked from the first page. The villains that Adair and her family had to face, however--from endless health problems to autism--seemed at times to be more daunting than anything 007 confronted. I knew instinctively that the good guys would win, but that didn't keep me from asking, "How will they ever get out of this one?" (Somehow the Rennings always did.)

Adair, Jerry, Asia, and Meghann--you are all true superheroes. For you, victory is inevitable.'"

--JOAN MATTHEWS, Editor & Writer

"This author's quest for knowledge that would ultimately help her daughter was greatly moving. It is tremendously frustrating to parents when they actually know more about their child's diagnosis than their doctor. Autism is a diagnosis for which modern medicine has no understanding and no answers. The traditional medical community in the U.S. should take a long hard look at the fact that all illness has a metabolic component that should be addressed. The lay population has already correctly arrived at this conclusion!"


Cover art: Asia Renning

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